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  • - Color - Black
  • - Unity Tactical FUSION Mounting System
  • - 6000 Series Aluminum Construction (Hard Anodized)
  • - Compatible for 1913 Rail System (HUB)
  • - Included - Backup Iron Sight Folding, HUB (Rail Mount), 1" Light Ring Mount, HUB Extension, Forward Rail - Inline, Offset Wing Mount, Offset Rail - Short.
  • - HUB, the heart of the Fusion system mounted on the handguard rail to which all the other components are attached to, creating various configurations.
  • - Extension, a rail component used to project the whole system forward and can be applied on any of the three positions of the HUB.
  • - BUIS, an extremely compact, folding back up iron sight that can be locked in the upright position with a small set screw.
  • - Offset Rail, attached to either side of the HUB to create a 45 degree rail placement.
  • - Offset Wing Mount, attached to either side of the HUB to create a 90 degree rail placement to the top rail.
  • - 1" Light Ring Mount, can be used to mount standard 1" diameter handheld lights directly to the HUB, Extension or Forward Rail.
  • - Forward Rail, extends forward from the HUB at the same height as the top rail.
  • - Various components to adapt or configure to any combat needs and situations.
  • - Model no. - UT01149B
  • - Weight - Approx 140g
  • - Original Packing
  • - Suitable for outdoor war game activities.

    【For Tactical Airsoft Only】
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