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The new WONDER bucking from Maple leaf, is the latest in their line of hop rubbers, boasting an even larger contact patch.

The new patch design helps increase range, accuracy and overall hop effect on heavy ammo, including .48’s and .5 BB’s.

- Slightly narrow entrance for better sealing to achieve more consistent power output 
- C-Clip to enhance lip stiffness for further sealing
- Special pressure point geometry reduces inconsistency between shots for more predictable trajectory
- Fit for Marui / WE / KJ GBB Pistols, WE GBBRs and VSR-10 compatible Air Cocking Rifles


50 degree: Up to 360 FPS

60 degree: 295-390 FPS

70 degree: 360-460 FPS

75 degree: 425-490 FPS

80 degree: Over 500 FPS 

NOTE: Due to special pressure point geometry, this product is optimized for use with inner barrels with open type hop up slot.

【For Airsoft Only】


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