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MARUI 17 Gen4 Based
GLK-215 Guarder Steel CNC Slide for MARUI G17 Gen4 (Black)
GLK-216 Guarder Steel Dummy Ejector for MARUI G17 Gen4
GLK-169 Guarder Enhanced Valve Set for MARUI G17 Gen4
GLK-172 Guarder Enhanced Piston Lid for MARUI G17 Gen4
GLK-227 Guarder Standard Night Sight Set for MARUI G-Series
GLK-218 Guarder 6.02 inner Barrel with Chamber Set for MARUI G17 Gen4
GLK-219 Guarder CNC Steel Outer Barrel for MARUI G17 Gen4 (Black)
GLK-162 Guarder Enhanced Loading Nozzle for MARUI G19 Gen3/4 & G17 Gen4
GLK-209 Guarder Light Weight Nozzle Housing For MARUI G17/19 Gen4
GLK-207 Guarder Steel CNC Recoil Spring Guide for MARUI G17 Gen4
GLK-268 Guarder Frame Complete Set For MARUI G17 Gen4 (U.S. Ver./Black)
GLK-105 Guarder G-Series GBB Magazine Base (Standard/Black)
Guarder Light Weight magazine x1
Weight 800g

Fully Fine Tune

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